Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Favorite Moment from THE OMEGA MAN

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Holiday Beverage Distaste Goes Terribly Awry
an exchange from work earlier this week

CW: Do you drink Egg Nog.

Me: No. I went to school with a kid named Egg Nog.

CW: Really?

Me (shit): Yes.

CW: Where was he from?

Me (shitfuckshit): Er, Cambodia.

CW: Really?

Me (Aw, C'mon!): Yes. He...escaped the Killing Fields.

CW: The movie?

Me (er): Well...kinda...but mostly Pol Pot.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pre-Thanksgiving Kitchen Talk

The Widow Ham Stacker (WHS): We have to move this table into the living room.

Me: Sweet. That way I can watch Football during dinner!

WHS: You are not watching Football during dinner.

Me (in Jim the Sicilian--my father-- voice): My house, my rules!

WHS (raging sarcasm): I just LOVE your JIMisms.

Me: Careful. If you drop the IM in JIMism...

WHS: Is Jism the proper term?

Me: (laughter as I flee to the basement)


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nerd Nod

Back on November 10th I posted the following on a Comic Message Board I frequent:

I was rereading the second collection of the 70s Justice Society tales last night (way too late) and revisited this tale from Adventure Comics #462:

In the above tale the Earth-2 Batman dies.
At the end of the issues, Helena (Batman and Catwoman's daughter on Earth-2) has the following exchange with Earth-2 Dick Grayson:

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This immediately brought to mind:

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LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER, eh? What a co-inky-dink there.

and ol' LITG (Lying in the Gutters...which is a Weekly Comic Rumors Column at the Comic Book Resources Website) rumor from this week:


In June/July, DC are killing off Batman. Or rather, Bruce Wayne. Robin will inherit the Batman cowl. One of the Robins anyway. Tim Drake. Jason Todd. Or possibly Red Hood. Hey, maybe Jean-Paul Valley, it has been ten years since Azrael.

I'm still not sure what this all means...but


Earth-2 Superman died in Infinite Crisis. The last time we saw Earth-2 Batman was as a ghost in the Levitz penned JSA story that wrapped up the last incarnation of JSA (before the current relaunch).

Still pondering.

Thought I'd share my Saturday Afternoon head noodles.

Lo and Behold, some of the above made this week's LITG column

Page down a bit to the section titled BAT PROMOTION.

Howabout that, eh?


Friday, November 09, 2007

Diner Pondering

Sidle up to the counter with images of Sloppy Josephs dancing in your noggin'...accompanied by the low hurm and hum (a distant cousin of Sturm und Drang...only for the Peckish Crowd) of a running on Empty Stomach Rumbling Symphony (which you've compared to the emanations of a Theremin numerous times in the past...'specially when you found yourself hankering for a hambone-steeped-in-swine-sluicings whilst on-line at the favorite soup line). The sidelong glances of your fellow patrons and the aghast stink-peepers of the staff almost...almost...knock you off target but suitably warn you that your fleece hoody is NOT providing adequate sound baffling for the FLURPS and GUH-GUH-MUH-BLORBS issuing forth from your lower thorax region. Hell, you think, it sounds a lot like Mushmouth from the Fat Albert cartoon scat-singing a selection from the Ella Fitzgerald Catalogue while buried under a sizable heap of laundry and not a Theremin these days. Is that a sign of some subtle evolution/devolution/degeneration of your Gastro-Intestinal System? Should you be concerned by the Change in Tune(s)? Maybe your Manwich Machinations will lead to a Mishap of Massive Movements of the Far-too-Maleable Sort? Would the Doobie Brothers mind if you changed the Black Water to Brown?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What? The Shit-on-My-Arms-Again Excuse Wouldn't Have been Better?!?

The following was slipped under the door of a Cow-orker that oversees a department of four folk.
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That's DIARRHEA, Sluice Ass.

The slip-ee has been warned in the past that he needs to call in or e-mail her when he is not going to make it in.

With a raging case of of ALLEGED DIARRHEA, he got dressed, got in his car, squirted into work and left THIS laughable asscuse under his superior's door (it should be noted that he was not scheduled to be in until 9 AM. I arrived at 7 AM and the his Boss did not arrive until 7:30 AM; in other words, he made damn sure he was in WELL before anyone else and did not need to actually see/talk to any cow-orkers...unless--and that's a HUGE IF--he truly had the Brown Water Gouts and was afraid to frighten any cow-orkers he'd encounter if he HAD come in as scheduled).

This...THIS is from a fellow that'll be 29 this month.


I have now christened him Phantom Diarrhea and shall address him as such until the time (shortly?) he is shit-canned from his place of employment.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Deicide of the Flatulent
a lil' something I noticed in the second issue of DC's THE DEATH OF THE NEW GODS

Written and drawn by Jim Starlin. The Fourth World and New Gods are all creations of the late great Jack Kirby (during the time he left Marvel for DC Comics). If you want to learn more about these characters/tales...Google is your friend.

Here's a scan of Page 3
New Gods are being killed by an unknown entity. Some are missing.
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The figure in the foreground (the non-floating one in red) with his back to us is Orion. Take a gander over his right shoulder.

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Now, I'd like to believe that I'm relatively well-versed in New Gods/Fourth World lore...but I've not heard of a Fart the New God. I've also considered the possibility that a letter or two may be cut off in that image (leaving only the four letters of FART).

However, until I can be 100% sure, I leave you with this:

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That's right...Fart the New God is dead.

(also note the deceased fellow J L MINIRATS; that's an anagram for Jim Starlin)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another Return of the Little Plastic Head of Lorne Green

On Carrying a Tune

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T'ain't right, all this yammerin' all melodic when there's stock to be branded. Like that time I set my sidearm laser pistol to MAR and, thanks to some toodley-doo action emanating from the yapping maw o' Hoss, accidentally scrawled CYLOON 'cross the upper acreage of Little Joe's assback.