Thursday, October 30, 2008


I stopped to buy coffee this morning on the way to work. I ended up at my not normal Coffee Getting Locale. Fill my mug AND my thermos. Go to the counter.

Dude at Counter(DaC): Double-fisting it today, I see.

Me: Uhm, yeah.

DaC: Gonna be a rough day at work?

Me: Likely.

DaC: Let me guess, you do something...artsy?

Me (taken aback...the fuck?): Yes. Yes I do. I'm a butcher and meat is my medium and my beard is my muse.

Dac: ...

Me: How much for this coffee?

DaC: $1.80.

Me: Thanks.

(rubbing beard with thermos on the way out)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inspiration for Halloween Costume

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mauling Victor French
with special thanks to Michael Kraven for bringing this to our attention

Little House on the Prairie
Season Two
Episode Twelve



Mr. Edwards and John Jr. feel estranged from each other, and an upset Mr. Edwards tries to make his son join him in his way of life. With an expensive gun Mr. Edwards also offers to take him on a hunting trip to his son's dismay.

John Jr. writes a heartfelt letter which Mr. Edwards apparently disregards leaving his son with no choice but to go with him. During the trip a frightening encounter helps Mr. Edwards understand his son, and John discovers that his father does care for him, but he couldn't read the note he wrote for him.

It is while on this hunting trip that real television magic happens.

Mister Edwards (as portrayed by the late great Victor French) hears something and scouts ahead (leaving his boy back and away from possible harm).

It turns out to be....A BEAR!!!

And a stealthy one at that as it takes our bearded hero by surprise!



His trusty hat goes flying and the lumbering Edwardsian form eats forest floor while the Bear has other Eating Plans.

Mister Edwards struggles futilely against his Ursine Foe.

And the wounds from the mauling rack up.

Helpless now before the ferocious attack, the Bear reveals his modus operandi when he flips Edwards over and nuzzles into his pack.

It was all for a sandwich.


Eventually Mister Edwards' wussy son arrives and runs for help.

Mister Edwards survives but has been revealed as an illiterate.

It turns out that the man in the Bear Suit was none other than Michael Landon (Pa Ingalls on the show AND the writer and director of this episode)!!!

Was he sending a message to Victor French? It's hard to say as the hirsute behemoth of an actor was also his co-star on HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN.

Landon in a Bear Suit.