Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another TALL TIP TALE from Work

Just out for a heater. At some point I took my speck-tee-culls off to rub the Bridge over the River Nose. Cow-Orker glances at me and says:

Cow-Orker: You look like that guy from the movie...uh...he's blind...drives a Ferrari?

TIP: Roy Orbison?

Cow-Orker: No. Wait. Roy Orbison was blind?

TIP: Yes. And he was formerly a she. Rita. Rita Orbowski. Hence Pretty Woman.

Cow-Orker: Wow. I'll have to tell my husband. Anyway, you look like that other blind guy in that one film.

TIP: Does the blind guy make weird noises?

Cow-Orker: Yeah. Yeah. Chinos? Alan Chinos?

TIP: Alan Pants?

Cow-Orker: No.

TIP (sigh): Al Pacino?

Cow-Orker: YES! Him! You look like Al Pacino!