Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Kind of Cacophonous Gibberish I can Get Behind

Setting: Outside an area SuperAmerica

Participants: Mildly Unfathomable*Senescent Woman (MUSW) and a man holding a tethered wee canine whom she is yelling too from across the Gas Pumping Staging Area

MUSW: MumbleMumbleBahNeeSahDee CHILIDOGS MumbleMumbleAinBahDahDee I like your dress BumbahDahMahBahAnuddah THIRTY NINE CENTS!!!

Sad to report that the "Chilidog Machine" (as she called it once inside) was not operational.

*Although--judging by her appearance--she would EASILY sink unassisted to the bottom of any body of water.