Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chug-a-Lunchin' through me Epidermis

Cow-Orker (to others): Lunch is here. (Notes TIP) You can have some, too.
TIP: That's okay. I'm not hungry.
Cow-Orker (surprised): You don't eat?
TIP: That's correct. I never eat.
Cow-Orker (more surprised): You never eat?
TIP: Are you familiar with Osmosis?
Cow-Orker: Who?
TIP (!!! Decides to run with it): That's the name of my dietician.
Cow-Orker: So you DO eat!
TIP: Through my skin, yes.
Cow-Orker: Er. Well. My lunch is getting cold.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Putrefying Pal!

Did I tell you fellows aboot my new Smoking Break Buddy?

I call him No-Chirpy-No-More.

He's a real scamp and spends most of his time moldering on the sidewalk.

Well, he used to. Some Cow-Orker or another ratted his Corpse out to the Janitor!

I was left with a dried puddle of NCNM's fluids as a pal.

That is, until today when I gained a NEW Smoking Break Buddy (AND THIS ONE IS CURRENTLY STILL ALIVE)!

This is Mister Bouncy Bouncy the Frog!