Thursday, August 30, 2007

Freakin' HILARIOUS!!!

Quote of the Week (thus far)

"Goddammit, who the fuck is listening to "Endless Love" in the warehouse?"

Blandy Buchanan (what a work place you have to have where the warehouse fellows are being soothed by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie, eh?).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not a Common Sound Effect

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Side Effects I'd Like to See from Some New-Fangled Pill

"Will encourage leprosy in others within your sphere of influence."

"Anglopoise Lamp appreciation followed by torrential gouts of medical pudding."

"Artificial Swine Malador emissions localized in the southern region of one's thorax."

"Lupine-shaped tears and a desire to don the bedding of the recently divorced."

"Deviated Eyelids."

"Equator indifference."


"Unrealized pining for panda cohabitation and a sixth sense alerting you of nearby anti-fungal salves."

"A tendency towards the favoring of vintage Garanimals clothing and bouts of Tourettesian screeds announcing "I matched my fucking Monkeys! FUCKING MONKEYS! FUCK!!! MONKEYS!!! FUCK!!!"

"Said pills will also 'encourage' the unfettering of one's proboscis and far-too-long lounging in stranger's sandboxes."


Gotta Love Old Comics

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bryan does Steve Miller's ABRACADABRA

He started with Europe's THE FINAL it's Miller Time:

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Plook Quest: Part Two

Last Year ('round August) I uncovered the use of PLOOK as a sound effect in an issue of The Avengers (Volume One, Number 201); namely, the sound of a melon being smashed against the face of the Avengers' butler Jarvis.

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I am now proud to announce (and share) the discovery of a SECOND use of PLOOK as a sound effect; this time from The Legion of Super-Heroes (Volume One, Issue 311) AND, as a bonus, it's used to denote the fluids dripping from the chamber Brainiac 5 is holding a Computo-infested Danielle Foccart (Invisible Kid II's sister) during yet another attempt by him to cure her of said infestation.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bryan's very Tongue-in-Cheek cover of Europe's THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Wizard World Chicago: One damn fine sketch by Pat Loika

Pat's a comic creator and a damn fine fellow. The image that follows was requested by another great dude, Ryan Hoffman; namely:

The Grimace being attacked by a horde of Gnomes and a MODOK Ghost Rider with Jesus watching

I'll have some of my own pics and such to post later.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Because Staged Cross Country Pics are Still Funny 20 years later

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Another Tribute to my Not Death on the 35-W Bridge Collapse
Courtesy of Cth

Tis a tragic tale.

Despite having a severe allergic reaction to blocks of concrete, he was inevitably drawn towards them like a moth to a flame. Psychologists theorize it had something to with watching early Flintstones cartoons back in the early 70s. It appears he identified with Fred's 5 o'clock shadow so much, even at the tender age of 5, that he modelled his life after Fred.

His known proclivity towards red heads, culminating in a drunken stupor one night in college where he kept yelling out "WILMA! BAM! BAM! BAM!" in the throes of passion.

His love of bowling..

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Rumor has it that TIP would hang around rock quarries in the hopes of being hired on as a dinosaur lift operator, only to have his hopes dashed each time.

Friends said that when you were with TIP, you'd have a gay old time.

He'll be missed.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The 35-W Bridge Collapse Rousts my Nerdly Pals

AAl: In case you guys didn't see (and not to worry anyone)... apparently there was a bridge collapse in MN. TIP's out getting comics per his message earlier, and I sent him a text message to see if he's okay. I'll let you guys know when/if he answers back.

YPJ: I think we should just assume he IS dead. He was a great guy. Funniest dude I ever met.

AAl: GHOST MESSAGE! GHOST MESSAGE! He just texted me. Said he headed over to look and that it was pretty bad.

YPJ: He always thought it was gonna be home invasion that kil't him. He had a board with a nail ready and everything.

YPJ: I bet some walleye is nibbling on his stubbly cheek right now.

AAl: Man, if he gets hit by a falling piece of Mir on the way home, you're gonna feel TERRIBLE.

YPJ: I hope he at least got killed on the way TO the LCS, not FRO. I'd hate to think of all those wet comics.

YPJ: At least Tip died doing what he loved - drowning and being crushed by concrete.

YPJ: You think Sarah's busy this weekend?

YPJ: I hope he left me that Starman badge in his will.

RJ: So...who get's his comics?

YPJ: Cerebus jumped the shark around issue #160. I've been keeping that in for SEVEN YEARS!

YPJ: What was with that hair?! If he went to MY high school, he'd have gotten his Sugarcubes album broke over his daisy head.

YPJ: I bet just as the blood vessels in his brain started bursting he "saw" Aquaman and Superman coming to save him. Poor schlub.

YPJ: Someone with skillz should make us a memorial sig pic.

YPJ: I can't think of too many hot dead redheads. I guess Tip's gotta mack on Lucille Ball up there.

SW: Ahh.. TIP died? That's a bummer.

YPJ: 8/1 - Tip in the Missisip'

AAl produces the following:

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Much Laughter

YPJ: Man, I needed a goof-off night. Tip's death was really the best thing that happened to me this week!

AAl then produces this:

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Which was quickly followed by:

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and then:

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and then:

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and finally:

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Tale from Work: Janitorial Traces Part Whatever

Smoke Break Highlight from Today:

The school's janitor is sitting out there. SOMEHOW (and unprovoked) he makes mention of his plans for Friday Night. Said plans involve attending a Bellydancing shindig at some ol' location or another. This mention morphs to his film collection and how many films from India he owns and the non-lewd Eroticism that can be found 'pon them. I flee before his Pants Teepee makes its presence known.