Saturday, October 04, 2003

Norwegian Log: Day Eleven
The End

With 'The Package' landing in a few hours I thought I'd wrap up this Log with a rundown of the food that has kept me going over the period of time that she has been away (also in keeping with the Food-Related themes that was weaved in and out of the past ten blogs...I must have been peckish the whole time, eh?).

Food Tally: September 24th through October 4th

Whole Pizzas consumed: One (from Ciatti's)
Sweet Peas: Two cans*
Loaves of Bread: One and 3/4s
Packs of Turkey Pepperoni: Two
Chedder Cheese: Half a block
Doritos: 3 bags (one Nacho-Flavored and two Guacamole-Flavored**)
Caesar Salads: 5 (from Damon's Restaurant)
Enchilada Dish: One whole pan
Lasagna: One whole pan
Blacked Cajun Chicken Sandwich: One (with fries at TGI Friday's)

Pretty pathetic, eh?

Anyhoo...thanks for reading and I'll see you back here tomorrow for the first of the Post-Norway Blogs.


*not to be mistaken for Swee'Pea, Popeye's ward. My cartoon baby consumption has gone way down over the years. It's a bitch picking the cel shards out from betwixt my teeth.

**Yep. Even though the first bag gave me Green Stool I had to go back to be sure that it was actually the chips doing it and not some sort of gastro-intestinal disorder. Sure as shit (har) it was them.


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