Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Norwegian Log: Day One

TIP Delivery Services managed to get the 'package' to the airport on-time. No tears were shed and I had the joy of returning to work for several more hours. Due to time constraints I was forced to ingest a Gas Station Sandwich as my dinner with a fine Melon Flavored Gatorade to wash it down.

That's a meal fit for some form of royalty...p'raps the King of the Sewers or Lord Pantalonis of Trou?

Upon arriving back to the Job I made a quick pitstop in the facilities and--when finished--blew the button on my pants*.

The damn thread done gave up on me.

By CROM my belt had better be able to keep me decent until I get home.

More tomorrow.


*Hmm...I wonder if this was a result of my Anti-Phil Not-Diet Crusade I'm on? My inner Former Fat Kid is fighting his way back to the surface.**
**Okay...not really. These are some damn old pants I'm wearing today AND I am still fit as a old three string natty fiddle with bad varnish, that is...


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