Sunday, September 21, 2003

Taken out of context?

A selection of snippets of conversations I have heard/misheard over the last couple of days:

'I consider SLIM JIMS more of a 'meat product' than I do a 'jerky' if you know what I mean.'

'Obviously you have never operated a paddle-boat in you life (sniff).'

'You wanna spruce up that salted nutroll? Knock yourself out!'

'This here spandex and glitter really brought out my inner perv...wanna shoot some Xs and Os my way?'

'...the only way I could get the boy to do his 'rithmatic homework was telling him that IF he didn't he'd be pulling rickshaws for the rest of his life...without sandals, mind you.'

'I cannot believe that I left my pants at the chop shop AGAIN!'

'Romantic evening with the missus?'s all about Ho Jo's and some ripple.'

'What's the headwear going to be tonight? Wimple or Fez? Wimple? Fez? Hmmm...'

'I don't care if he's Jesus' second cousin, Earlius...sumbeech owes me five bucks.'

'Toss me a Jolly Rancher, eh?'

'There's only one way to fall off a log and I should know!'

(note to self...quit spending so many evenings at Mickey's Diner)


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