Thursday, September 11, 2003

Reality Show Suggestions

The Junkyard

If syndication trends amount to any semblence of Truth than the undying popularity of Sanford and Son on our nation's televisions surely denotes a countrywide fascination with the business of junkyards.

One contestant will don suspendered work-pants, roust a jaded and opinionated 'son' as his co-hart, befriend a 'Grady' and avoid the violence of 'Aunt Esther's' well-aimed purse-as-blunt-force-weapon as he attempts to keep his business afloat.

This will certainly be 'The Big One, Elizabeth' in the way of Ratings!

Those Amazing Burros

What is really like to ride a burro to the bottom of a canyon? These sure-footed and reliable work-beasts and the tales of strangers astride them will ignite Pack-Animal Fandom (or PAndom) throughout the United States.

Eating Raoul

The film by Paul Bartel becomes television's next big Reality Show Extravaganza!!!
Since our country-folk are suffering through a so-called Obesity Epidemic than an hour-long program dedicated to people eating and yakking will cater to millions of corpulent viewers' tastes. Booya!!!

Whittle Me This

Six Contestents
Three Knives
One piece of hickory

On the Hunt for Bil Keane

The elusive cartoonist of the timeless circular comic strip*, The Family Circus, is your target. Can you find him before more hilarity flows forth from his pen? A $100,000 bounty on his head is your reward if the exploits of Billy, Dolly, Jeffy and PJ can be put to an end. 'Not me!' you say? can be you.


*Researchers at the Chortling Institute have determined that the humor of the Family Circus is best displayed (and, thus, enjoyed) within a circular 'panel' thereby 'taking the edge' off an otherwise outrageous and oft-times politically incorrect strip.


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