Thursday, August 28, 2003


Overheard Monologues of recent vintage:

On Marriage:

'If ya share an underpass with a fella for two or more consecutive weeks you're considered common-law spouses with all the benefits implied by this type-o-union.

On War:

'What have they done since LOWRIDER came out?'

On Public Restrooms:

'Any Port-O in a storm, now what I'm saying?'


*should be read 'vag' like 'rag' and not 'badge' which would make this column more a Vagina Monologue of which I am ill-prepared to write at this moment in my life**

**I have no idea what that last bit means. I'm familiar with vaginas and have even read some exposes on them (thank you, Better Homes and Gardens) but I am by no means an EXPERT and should leave female anantomy-related scribblings to the professionals and select Penthouse Forum contributors.***

***Which I've never attempted as I'm sure my writings are not 'spoogey' enough for the readers of said Men's magazine.


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