Monday, August 18, 2003

Little White Lies been around fo' years*

One source of Fun at the homestead is seeing what sort of 'Tall Tales' I can get the Boss to believe (which is often never...but what the heck).

On Friday she was watching a network broadcast of the Bond film, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. The opening sequence has Roger-Moore-as-Bond escaping down the side of a mountain on skies. At this point I threw this nugget out there to see how it would go down:

'Roger Moore was a professional down-hill skier before he signed on to be The Saint on TV.'


Utter Silence.

The second Chestnut came about after an inside-a-submarine scene. Trying to keep a straight face I inform the Power-That-Is of the following nonsense:

'I've been on a submarine.'



' the marina.'

'What marina?'

'...the one on the Mississippi.'

Which pretty much blew that 'tale' right out of the water.



*Holy Crap...a lyrical quote from Sammy Hager


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