Wednesday, August 13, 2003

KB Toys will be releasing a Presidential action figure this Fall called Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush. The 'doll' comes bedecked in a flight suit and helmet ensemble identical to the outfit he wore when recently landing on an aircraft carrier.

Elite Force Aviator?

Uhm...he was a passenger.

Not to only quibble is that I do hope that this toy line will be expanded to include ALL of our country's Presidents because I--for one-- desperately NEED a William Howard Taft figure (packaged to include a plastic hambone replica and Presidential-Seal Ladle for all his State-Dinner-Gravy-Distribution-Situations). 15 pounds of molded plastic that would easily 'dignify' the mantle by its mere presence aside the other tchotkes displayed upon its surface AND subsequently raise my own station in life.

'Look it that!!! There on the mantle! Taft!!! Holy Shit, are one reverent bastard! Recognizing the heaviest of all the Presidents like that. The Pearly Gates will part the moment you hit the Heavenly Cloud bank. any chance do you have anything to nosh? That hambone has made me hungry.'



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