Thursday, August 14, 2003

Ladles as Humor Prop

I was perusing the archives here and took note (and was mightily alarmed) at the sheer number of times that I have used a ladle as some sort of humorous device. Please do not think that I am singling out this particular kitchen utensil and elevating/demoting it to a position of derision; quite the contrary.

The ladle is our friend.

The ladle is of great assistance.

The ladle will lead us into the light.

Imagine the old days...pre-Tool-using Old Days...and you (and your clan of mouth-breathing knuckledraggers) espy a tasty pile of mashed tubers that look mighty appetizing.

Can you see this potential delightful feast in your mind's eye?



Peckishness overcomes your assembled meandering neanders and--after a group huddle--it is decided that it is in the best interest of the tribe to devour the taters immediately after Bbllrrgg's special gravy is liberally applied to them.

You cup your hand and shove it into Bbllrrgg's travelling Gravy sack...severely burning your entire arm (which will eventually distract you from the delicious spud fete the others have).

A lesson is learned.

And the ladle was born.

So keep this cautionary tale in mind the next time you utilize the mightiest of utensils.



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