Friday, September 05, 2003

Recent Items under consideration for Display at a Hard Rock Cafe near you

Uriah Heap's drummer's pants
The right hand thumbnail of Rick Astley
A vial of Ian Anderson's flute saliva
Charlie Daniel's hip flask belt buckle
An unpeeled banana from Ted Nugent's Weekend Warrior tour
6 unused tickets to the final show of Mike and the Mechanics
Sade's bong
An empty Dippity-Do bottle from Bryan Ferry
An official Blow Monkeys Fan Club frisbee
Mister Misters' soundman's gloves
Freddie Mercury's mouthguard
A plaster casting of Joe Perry's throat
Grace Slick's pride (3 oz. bottle)
Liam Gallagher's tambourine satchel
Ravi Shankar's curry recipe
Autographed photo of Richie Sambora holding a Reese's monkey (dead)
Edgar and Johnny Winter's discarded Grecian Formula rinse
Billy Preston's hairpick
Yngwie Malmsteen's tubesocks
Lubricated Goat's turkey baster
4 hubcaps from the ELO tour bus

(We Built this City...We Built this City on Crappy Songs)


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