Monday, June 14, 2004

Stone-Cold Wrong
A Dialogue from last night during Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Fellow: What kind of ring is that you're wearing?

Me: It's a replica of of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern ring; y'know, the comic book character? I'm a geek like that.

Fellow: Oh. Heh. I thought it was a Mason's symbol.

This misidentification might go a long way to explaining the strange things that happened to me at an area Menard's on an errand to purchase a new trowel; A clerk offered to take me into the backroom and show me the 'real nice ones...Ceremonial-caliber ones' that typcial buyers aren't allowed to purchase.* I declined (confusingly) and insisted that a regular everyday trowel was fine for me and my forthcoming mortar-smearing endeavors. Not one to take no for an answer (and, apparently, really feeling the need to give me some kinda 'deal') he insisted that he'd throw in a free robes and cowl combo if I planned on purchasing any cover-alls, utility pants or waders. A second denial from me almost brought him to tears so I DID finally agree to take the coupon for a 25% discount on my next blood gutter installation.

So that explains that, eh? A lil' Freemasonry misunderstanding (masonderstanding?).

If anyone is interested in said coupon I can be reached through this blog.


*Either that or he wanted to seduce me in the privacy of an empty crate he's converted into a 'bang box' or some such nonsense.


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