Saturday, May 29, 2004

Is there a Cryptologist in the House?

If so, could you please assist me in understanding the following graffiti I found etched into the men's room wall at a local tavern:*

"Him not Big Chief by default,
Him Big Chief 'cause him like salt."

Is it a phrase in secret code or is it simply a statement that, in certain tribes, one can rise to a position of power per an affinity for sodium chloride?

Or maybe by 'salt' they mean a sailor?

So very confused.

In the good old days one could expect graffiti to express ol' so-and-so's sexual prowess and/or that by calling a particular number one could have a good time...not this cryptic shit.

Thanks much to the anonymous scribbler for confounding me whilst I relieved myself.

*Psycho Suzi's...for those in the Twin Cities area that would like to check it out for themselves. It's scrawled over the urinal on your right hand side.


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