Monday, May 17, 2004

Not the Answer I was Expecting
an excerpt from a conversation I had with my mother about my sister's current boyfriend (completely factual)

Me: Is (unnamed) a bit 'slow?'*
Ma: No...he only has one lung (points to neck).
Me (taking note of gesture to neck and the possibility that my mother doesn't have basic anatomy down): What?
Ma: He only has one lung; he isn't slow (points a second time to neck and also rubs it for emphasis).
Me (maybe her neck itches?): Are you sure you mean 'lung?'
Ma: He only has one lung.
Me: Do you mean--I don't know-- 'larynx?'
Ma (matter of factly): He has ONE LUNG.
Me: ?!?

*'Slow' as in 'touched in the head' for those unclear of this particular usage.


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