Tuesday, April 20, 2004

My Good Deed for the Day

I overheard someone say that they were relieved that Metro Transient workers had ended their strike and that the buses had started running again.

Transients driving Buses?!?


Ever the do-gooder, I quickly pointed out that it was Metro TRANSIT employees that had ended their walkout and that, luckily, the local Bum community was still 'walking the picket line' in a manner of speaking.

Glad that I cleared that up; I couldn't leave 'em thinking that our area's hoboes were all suddenly back to work and not continuing their contributions to our fair city by NOT working...like amassing our lost change, playing upturned trashcans as bongos in exchange for sandwiches, drinking our inexpensive malt beverages in public locations, et cetera.

Imagine the pandemonium!!!



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