Thursday, April 15, 2004

Night Mare

What was that dream all about? Was I being hit with a stringed instrument? Battered senseless with a ukelele? Or was it a viola with a spike driven through it? was bigger than that, nothing sharp poking out of it, strictly a lambasting. A guitar? Yes, a guitar. Some bipedal creature weilding a six-string like a cudgel, striking me repeatedly over the head and bellowing some sort of War Cry. It was in a foreign dialect, if I recall correctly. Esperanta? That seems a wee bit unlikely...a more common language...Spanish? Yeah, that's it. Spanish. So, whilst in the Land of Nod, I was pummelled with a guitar by a bilingual humanoid beast. And I think it was wearing a costume of some sort. A cape and mask combo. Something akin to the one George Hamiton sported in that Gay Blade film from long ago...but that was a parody of...oh shit.

Not that.

Not him

What the hell does that mean? I'm not sure I want to know so I'll pass consulting with a dream translator and/or an equestrian.



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