Monday, December 08, 2003

A lil' bit O' Comic Book Trivia (related to the X-men's Wolverine)

A few weeks back I replaced my long missing Uncanny X-men run (94-144) by purchasing the first two Essential X-men Trade Paperbacks. These particular editions reprint the classic Len Wein/Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont/John Byrne runs for an extremely reasonable amount ($12 odd bucks a piece).

Finally got around to reading Volume 0ne and came upon, what I think, is an odd piece of trivia to share with you.

The first time we learn Wolverine's name Logan (which, as we've learned in ORIGIN-- a recent mini-series that finally revealed the early background of this character after being an important part of the Marvel Line for the last 26 odd years-- isn't his birthname, but whatever) is in issue 103 of this series (cover dated February 1977)

The X-men take a vacation at Sean Cassidy's* Keep in Ireland and are assailed by Sean's kin, Black Tom Cassidy, and Charles Xavier's** step-brother, Cain Marko (Juggernaught). As it turns out the Cassidy Keep is infested with Little People.***

At one point Wolverine encounters one of these sprites who addresses Wolvie in the following fashion:

Little Person: I think I c'n help ye there, Mr. Logan.

Wolverine: Huh?!? Who the blazes are you, bub? An' how do you know my name?

Little Person: I'm called Padraic, mate-- an' we little people know a lot o' things.

THIS would be the first time we (the readers) learn that Wolverine goes by the name of Logan.

And we learn it from Padraic of the Little People.

Nice one, Mister Claremont.

I can see why I so wanted to replace these old comics of mine.

(stewin' in me Nerd Juices)

*Sean Cassidy aka Banshee, another X-Men and not Shaun Cassidy the former Teen Idol and star of Televisions's The Hardy Boys. I may be a geek but I'm not writing up anything about that fellow...gotta keep my nerdliness within certain boundaries, after all, and Ex-Hunky Heart Throbs aren't my kettle of booya...yet.

**Professor Xavier founded the X-men.

***Of the Leprechaun/Elf/Imp Variety and Not your normal run of the mill runts we currently refer to as (due to Political Correctness) Little People but were once called midgets and dwarves.

****Gotta have the accent to add authenticity, eh?


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