Tuesday, December 09, 2003

At the Vet
a quick real tale

Me (noting a new person working the front desk): I'm here to pick up the Duralactin for my dog.

Woman at the Front Desk: Okay. What's the last name.

Me (deciding to have a bit of fun): BigPants.

WATFD (looks at me quizzically): O...kay. That'll be a moment.
(leaves to fetch the prescription and returns empty handed)
We haven't any records for a Mister BigPants here. What's the last name again?

Me (snork): BigPants. His last name is BigPants.

WATFD (sighing): No. When I asked for the last name I meant YOUR LAST NAME...Not your dog's Last Name.

Me (stifled chortle): Ah...well my doctor doesn't keep MY records under my canine companion's name...so I figured that's what you meant.

WATFD (repressing her rage at my silliness): Your last name, sir?

Which I then gladly gave to her and was one my way in a few minutes.

(a minor larf...but what the hell)


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