Monday, October 20, 2003

Souvenirs from the Vatican

As strange as it might sound, I met a fellow today that just got back from the Beatification of Mother Teresa ceremonial Hoo-Hah thrown on Sunday by his Papal-Goodness and his frocked com-Padres (har). He had lots of good things to say about the Rite and the amassed throng of Catho-holic onlookers but I took special interest in the footwear he was sporting.

Me: Are those new shoes? I don't think I've ever seen a pair like that.

Fellow: Yep...picked them up from a vendor working the 'Teresa Show' on Sunday. According to the Loafer-Monger, this particular brand-- sanctioned by JP2 himself-- will help you run faster, kick shittier (his words), walk on water and so on. They have what folk in 'the business' call Jes-U-Soles! If I were to kick you in the ass right now it'd be blessed and everything!

Me: I'll pass.

Fellow: It's your



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