Wednesday, February 04, 2004


How sad is it that I've spent the better part of the last two days wondering how to spell the Giant-izing Activation Command Word utilized by Apache Chief on the old SUPERFRIENDS Saturday Morning cartoons (probably on the Cartoon Network these days, eh?)? Mulling it over and over in my head when I could be doing something far more constructive; like finishing construction of the Sweat Lodge in my backyard, stowing aboard a freight train bound for parts out West or rehanging the Bison Head I inherited from my Great Uncle Mo-Peep?*

Purty dern sad, indubitably.

Phonetically, it's:


but that cannot be the actual spelling, can it?

I'm also wondering if 'E-Neck-Chuk' means 'get freaking tall' in Apache. Did the producers of the SUPERFRIENDS consult with the tribe about this to lend some credibility to their newest member?

One more thing:

Couldn't the same producers/creators of the show come up with a better Superhero Name for him than APACHE CHIEF? Doesn't really clue you in on his abilities at all; just that he's a member of a particular Native American Tribe. Hell, Elephantin-Dian would have been better than APACHE CHIEF; although This Choice implies that he could morph into a humanoid pachyderm and not simply increase in height to fifty feet. Maybe Gargantu-Indian would have been more apt?

More to scratch the ol' noodle about.


*He acquired this particular nickname for his voracious appetite for sugar-coated marshmellows molded into baby chicken shapes that are so popular around the Easter Holiday. Family Gatherings on this 'holy' day would not be complete if he wasn't heard slurrily screaming "Mo' Peeps!!!" through a mouth and lips caked with remnants of those confections that has passed before to anyone within earshot. Good times...good times. The Big JC would be proud.


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