Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Siskel and Pope-r?

In case you missed it:

The Vatican is now denying reports that Pope John Paul II personally endorsed Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF CHRIST after a private viewing recently (the film depicts the final hours of Jesus Christ...so you can understand how important it would be for Mel to get the former Mister Karol Wojtyla's approval).

Think they misinterpreted a Papal Head Nod as a positive acknowledement to the film after His Holiness watched it?

I do.

Considering the Pope's advanced age and Parkinson's Disease, a Nod is not going to cut it as an affirmation since he spends most of his time shaking and nodding anyway; Hell (kaff), he might of even Nodded Off during the screening.

Next time Gibson and Company should get something in writing or--at the very least --a Thumb's Up of some sort to indicate his Blessing (a variation of the always popular Pope Wave).

On the other hand, It's also entirely possible that the Pope endorsed a film of Mel's; MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME and not THE PASSION.

Which is a strong possibility as I seem to recall reading somewhere (his auto-biography?) that the 'Main Man of the Vatican' is quite fond of quoting Tina Turner's character from said film (Aunty Entity) with the phrase:

But he's just a Raggedy Man

when conversing with some of his least favored Cardinals and Pope-Wranglers.

Either way...I'm Hades-bound.

(but, according to Dante, I'll meet the Pope on the lowest ring of Hell...so there you go)


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