Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Another Work-Related Tale: Comic Book Character as Rap Alias

An extremely large (my estimate is in the early 3 Bills...but I left my scale at home so can only guess here) prospective student trundled into my veal-fattening pen of a cubicle to complete some of his financial aid paperwork. As I was stifling my amazement at his size and diligently finalizing his forms he took note of the Daredevil movie poster I had hanging on one of my walls (a gift from my friend, the Movie Theater Manager).

Future MC: That movie was great.
Me: It was pretty good.
FMC: Not as good as the comic books.
Me (figuring him to be about 18): Yeah. The Miller run from back in the early 80s is still one of favorites; although Bendis' current stuff is right up there and may yet surpass Miller's in my estimation.
FMC: Er...Yeah. Uhm...that's where I got my Rap Name.
Me (looking at the poster depicting the four main characters from the film; namely: Daredevil, Bullseye, Electra and Kingpin): Really? (snicker) So you're MC Daredevil?
FMC: No. Kingpin, man. Kingpin.
Me: That makes sense.
FMC: What?
Me: Kingpin as a Rap Handle. Like you're in charge and ruthless.
FMC: That's straight.
Me ('straight' must be a new slang word meaning 'correct'): Damn straight.

So watch the Billboard Charts in the new future for an MC Kingpin and remember that I exposed him to the unsuspecting world via this blog.

(maybe I'll get a free demo cassette of his)


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