Thursday, December 18, 2003

Supression of Geek-Responsorial...Successful!
ROTK Division

Once Gandalf arrives in Gondor he is called by one of his many different names, Mithrandir.

At one point, after he is addressed as such, a gentleman behind me leans over to his companion and asks, 'What's Mithrandir?' to which his friend replies, 'It's Gandalf's sword.'


It was the only moment during the film that I felt the Nerd-Blood rising...willing me to turn to them and blurt out, 'NO! His sword's name is GLAMDRING, dammit! Mithrandir is another one of Gandalf's Names!!!'

Fortunately, I quelled the urge to flaunt my Tolkien-ese dorkiness and resumed watching the film (which I enjoyed a great deal).

(too many rereads of the trilogy and all the other Tolkien books...I'd assume)


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