Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A Brotherless Darrell

One of my neighbor's scares me.

He's one of those atypical loners and lives directly across the street from me. Whenever he sees me out with the dog he makes a point of coming out and telling me that my dog makes him laugh (I have no idea how to take this...does he mean my dog's appearance is funny? Sure, Roger is an English Bulldog and this breed looks different...but funny? Funny to a looney guy?!?).

He's the kind of guy that has the strongest potential for making the paper under one (or more) of the following headlines:

Local Man's Corn Cob Pipe Bomb Spree Comes to a Halt

Area Miscreant Manipulates Unexpecting Produce at Farmer's Market

The Water Barrell Bandit's Crime Wave Traced to North End Denizen

MSP Airport Baggage Handler Wins Luggage Olympics

Shrubbery Flasher had History of other Brush-Related Indecencies

Puppetry is my Life declares Saint Paulite Entertainer

400 Pounds of Taffy Recovered from Fairground Visitor's Sub-Basement

Meat Raffle Victor Donates Winnings to Soup Kitchen

Winter Carnival Royalty Also-Ran Promoted to Vacant Village Idiot Post

Toque Collector to Auction off Prized Stocking Caps at Sotheby's

Bingo Game Disrupted by Attendee's Impromptu Mime Show

Ass Wrangler comes from a Long Line of Donkey Breeders


You'd be a lil' wary of this fellow, too.



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