Sunday, November 02, 2003

Pulling a David Blaine

For my next Feat I will dunk both of my fists into this crock pot full of, what the locals call, Dumb-Guy-Dip,* pull them free of this steaming hot cauldron clenching massive dripping globules of its contents,THEN distribute dollops of this Velveeta-y goodness to each of you for you're noshing-pleasure without harming neither my mystical talons nor any of you're outstretched paper plate bearing hands.

Once again I warn you to not attempt this at home; after all, I am a trained Magician having learned on the lap of Gerald 'Pixie Duster' Moobler, the self-proclaimed poor man's Doug Henning, and have the proper molten cheese handling skills necessary to survive immersion in this mini-volcanic food warming appliance.



(mild applause)

Thank you. Thank you.

Next week's trick will involve me living for three and a half months with a soiled pillow case over my head.

Abra, Abra Kadabra. M'gonna reach out and grab ya

*Dumb-Guy-Dip is a concoction of one block of Velveeta Cheese, one can of Hormel Chili and other additives per your choice, heated up in a crock pot for all your Dipping Food Activiites found at typical Party-Style Gatherings.


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