Friday, July 25, 2003

Waiting for Lobot

Damn sonuva-modified 'droid, my ass. Leave me sitting here like a mynok on an abandoned Corellian Freighter...waitin' for him for what FEELS like an Hour now. Think it's easy running a damn gas mining operation? Do I have time to be sitting 'round like this (least the cape still looks nice). Like to see *him* try it...running a Hovering city. Pfft. He wouldn't even know what to DO with it AND--at the same time--deal with them over-pro-CRE-Active Ugnaughts and their swinish broods (always getting into the pantries and befouling the foodstuffs). Least they're handy with machinery and what-not...kinda like them damn dwarvern Tatooinian scavengers (heh heh
heh...Tat-o-WEENIE-in...heh)--whadda they called again? Jowlers?
Second Pfft. Them brown robes they deck themselves out in got NUTTIN' on my swanky Cape collection. I'd wipe my fine FINE ass with 'em.

Man...and just the MENTION of Corellian Freighters chaffs my aforementioned taut-buttocks something FIERCE! Friggin' swindlin' nerfherdin' cork-snorkler....

(channelling Lando)


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