Saturday, March 13, 2004

Say my Name, Say my Name, Say my Name...

As mentioned earlier, I attended a work-related conference this week. One little tidbit of fun that I partook in that I haven't yet shared with you, my adoring fans/murderous nemeses,* involves the Name Tag I was required to wear, the fake name I put on it, and one particular reaction to said 'alias.'

Feeling a tad impish, I scrawled the name 'Nien Nunb' on the blank Name Tag (in honor of Lando Calrissian's alien co-pilot on the second Death Star Rebel assault as seen in Return of the Jedi) and slapped it on my shirt, right below my left clavicle. I knew that there were a select few folk in attendance that knew me and would overlook this bit o' foolishness but hoped that the strangers would give me an odd look/comment or three.

The best one went as follows (and I am not kidding):

Guy (peering at the Name Tag and then looking at me): How do you say your name?
Me: Nien Nunb.
Guy (a moment to ponder): Oh, I get it. Are you from the Middle East?
Me (about to utilize a bit of Star Wars Trivia): Nope, I'm Sullustan.
Guy: Ah. That's a beautiful country.
Me (repressed sniggering): Thanks.
Guy: Catch you around.
Me: Sure thing, pal.

Heh heh heh.


*That's the correct spelling for the plural form of nemesis...not nemesi (like walrus/walri, penis/peni, cactus/cacti, and so on...okay, I'm kidding about the weiner-reference).


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