Sunday, February 15, 2004

Pardon Me

Two Questions that were posed to me in a little under 12 hours yesterday; the first at a wedding and the second at a local watering hole. Two Questions that I feel represent opposite ends of the Inquiry Spectrum that can be posed to me:

Are you a designer?

Do you have any chew?

No to both.

After replying in the negative to the first question, the woman followed with: LOOK like a designer.

Say, Hunh? What does that mean? And what is it that I look like I might design?

The second question may hold the answer to the first.

The latter question was less confusing to me but still made me wonder what it was about my person that wrongly exuded Dude's-A-'baccy-Chewer' vibes to this fellow bar patron. Heck, I don't even have that universal tell-tale sign of a chewer; the circular tin shape discoloring the back pocket's denim.

P'raps together my real purpose in life has been revealed...that I should be working for Big Tobacco devising a new brand/flavor of dip?

Anyone care to sample my new chaw? I call it TIP's SPIT...



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