Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Spontaneous Parking Lot Singalong with Woefully Ill-Picked Song

LOCATION: Guitar Center parking lot across from Best Buy in Roseville, Minnesota
PERPETRATORS: Two folk in the mid to late 20s (Caucasians)

I was leaving Best Buy Tuesday night with my haul of new (to me) CDs when my ears caught a tune on the wind; a frightening tune of 80s vintage that was horrible when initially released and has not improved with age (unlike, say, cheese or wine or Sophia Loren or Rene Russo or Ann Margeret For but a moment I thought that someone was blasting it from their vehicle's 'booming system' as a declaration to all within earshot (that would be upwards to 100 yards away or more) that they lack any sense of good taste in their music appreciation and had cranked the volume to 11 to prove this point...however, I quickly realized that there was no music accompanying the vocals and that, in fact, it was NOT the recorded version but two people singing it aloud to one another in the parking lot across the way.

Over and Over they repeated the chorus as I wondered why it was they were leaving Guitar Center singing THIS song?

Had it been playing Inside the store?

Were they practicing for a gig their cover band had forthcoming?

A true love for the band and this song from 1985?

Bad Taste?

I'm leaning towards the latter as you will see as you scan down and I reveal that they were singing:

SONG: 'We Built This City' by Starship from their 85 release Knee Deep in the Hoopla

Yeah...Knee Deep in something Other than Hoopla...(shudder)

(I can say with certainty that Marconi did NOT play the mamba...he was more of a harpsichord guy)


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