Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Birth of an Alias: Misheard Department

Setting: Near the Work Coffee Station

Cow-Orker #1: My husband and I are getting a new mattress.

Cow-Orker #2: My husband and I did that recently.

(who happens to saunter on through at this very moment?)

TIP: Same! My wife and I's old mattress started looking like a slightly ajar burrito.

Cow-Orker #1: A jarred burrito?

TIP (HAHA!!!): New from Hormel. I spilled it on our mattress. Can't really say why I had a bottle of burrito in bed with me though...

(looks around...walks away)


Slightly Ajar Burrtio -> Jarred Burrito -> Jared Burrtio.

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