Friday, July 16, 2010

I Spy with my Lil' Eye

Strolling past a Cow-Orker's Cubicle/Veal Fattening Pen, TIP notices a picture hanging up:

TIP: So, do you make your own sausage?

Cow-Orker: What? No! Why?

TIP: That's clearly a photo of two sausages on a blanket hanging there.

Cow-Orker: That's...that's a picture of my newborn's feet.

TIP: Is the rest of it in the grinder?

Cow-Orker: I told you...I don't make sausages and certainly not with my baby.

TIP: Still looks like sausages on a blanket.

Cow-Orker (turn back to computer and resumes working)


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