Monday, April 11, 2005

A Translation Guide as to what your Friend actually means when he/she responds to you with lyrics from Moody Blues Songs: Part One


You: Say, Todd, what's the deal with the peasant blouses you've taken to wearing to work; you moon-lighting at the Renaissance Festival or have you gone full-on Gypsy?

Moody Blues Fanatic (Todd): Well, RIDE MY SEE-SAW!!!

Two Possible Translations for this example.

One: Yes, (your name here), it is in fact true that my current attire is tied to some of my extracurricular activities; I salute your astute perception.


Two: Wanna plook till yer blue in the pants?

Physical Cues will denote the latter of these two examples (knowing wink, tongue dart, a loosening of his gauzey belt and/or blouse).



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