Sunday, June 26, 2011

The New Neighbors

The sight that greeted me one morning several weeks ago.

New Couple were then in the process of Moving in and some time in the evening a pair of abandoned/ditched/doffed Jean Shorts (Gender Unknown) were left in the manner above.

I've gone from Shirtless D at my previous abode to Shortless Guy/Gal at the new place.

Flash forward to today.

Front Lawn mow-ed-ded. At the end the Male Member (!!!) of the Shortless Couple inquired what I had been listening to.

"Robyn Hitchcock."

"I had some Elvis Costello playing earlier...Armed Forces. They're similar, right?"

"Indeed. English Singer-Songwriters working under assumed stage names.


"Yes. Elvis is Declan MacManus and Robyn is Terry Giblets."


"Sure is. Talk to you later."

Now I'm off to tamper with Robyn's Wiki page to make my lie True.


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