Friday, May 16, 2008

Jim Henson and Sammy Davis Junior both Died on this Date in 1990
Said sad events inspired the following exchange between me and a Cow-Orker:

Me: Today's a sad day in history. Both Jim Henson and Sammy Davis Junior died 18 years ago on May 16th.

CO: That is sad. They were both tremendous entertainers in their respective fields.

Me: Yes. Indeed. Did you know that they shared a bit of a connection?

CO: Um...I'd guess that Sammy appeared on Sesame Street or The Muppet Show or one of the Muppet Movies?

Me: Could be...but that's not the connection I'm thinking of.

CO: I have no idea.

Me: Well, as it turns out, the googly eyes that Jim Henson designed for a lot of his Muppets were inspired by the glass eye of Sammy Davis Junior. No shit. Think about it; Cookie Monster--as an example--might have looked completely different if not for Sammy's infamous 1954 car accident.

CO: (dumbfounded pause) Bullshit.

Me: Look it up.

I left before my lil' prevarication was found out.




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