Thursday, August 04, 2005

Third Posting for the Day: A Smattering of Comments I've Made Today On-line (taken completely out-of-context in order to amuse/frighten you)

Don't worry...they aren't even worthy to be post-concert fluffers for Foghat.

Oh...c'mon...he's the same kinda cute as Harry Monster or Goriddle Gorilla. you've got the inside track on the sexual tendencies of Muppets, do you?

Marlin Perkins would be...pleased (and/or pleasured).

Better the Log Flume than a my old man used to mutter.

Does Jones Soda taste like pureed Short Round?

You could always buy a slew of Pine Tree Car fresheners and epoxy them to the backs of those with prominent stinklines.

DMV 'cheese sticks' can usually be harvested from the nethers of some of their employees...but I don't recommend it.

In a pinch, a stack of Devil Dinosaur comics (or Moonboy's Delight as the locals call 'em) can stave of the hunger pangs until proper nourishment can be acquired.

HeyZeus Crisco!!!

Marlin Perkins LIED TO ME!!!

(sad, idn't)


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